Castellans of Valeria, the playboard.
Image: Daily Magic Games

Daily Magic Games has launched the Kickstarter camping for its most recent game, Castellans of Valeria, set in the company’s popular and successful franchise. Castellans of Valeria is due to wrap up on June 30 and it has already surpassed its $10,000 funding goal, with $33,798 pledged to the project at the time of writing. 

The new game will have players compete in the most magnificent city jurisdiction in the game’s fictional city of Kosk. The game is designed by Isaias Vallejo, responsible for the entire Valeria series, and all of its variations. 

The latest instalment in the world of Valeria is a standalone game which plays with 1-5 players and over 60-90 minutes. In the game, players will compete to obtain the noble title of Castellans or risk losing it all and breaking away with their noble lineage in an ill-fated twist or through sheer incompetency.

Get Your Copy of Castellans of Valeria While You Still Can 

Players will try to build and advance work in the city, while they are being judged by the local Magistrates who will approve or disapprove of the decisions players do. There is a lot of strategic depth to the game, and admittedly – some palm greasing to make sure that you reach the status of Castellan yourself and not incur the Magistrates’ ire. 

For those of you who already enjoy the Valeria concept, this may be the only way to secure a copy. Apart from the Kickstarter campaign that is still ongoing, the company will have 250 copies sold separately through the Daily Magic Games shop on the website, but no copies will be made available to local distributors or hobby stores.

The game has been fairly well received by the reviewing community. A single copy of the game costs $49 whereas a double copy costs $95. If someone is looking to secure a Retailer Pledge, they would still be able to sell the games in retail but providing that they are a registered company that includes VAT, GST, or Sales Tax ID number to verify their business as a real hobby store. 

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