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The historic wargame set in 17th-century Europe is back on Kickstarter with a second edition. By Fire and Sword is sending ripples across the wargaming community, with the title raising more than $34,000 out of the stated $15,000 goal with 300-odd backers and 17 days to go before the campaign wraps up.

Ready Yourself for the 17th Century Most Epic Battles 

Published by Wargamer Games Studio and designers Konrad Sosiński and Rafał Szwelicki, the new game promises to significantly quicken the pace of the original game and let you unfold a battle within 60 minutes of playtime. The game is exclusively designed for two players at a time and is suitable for gamers of ages 10+. 

Historically, the game traces the war fought in Central and Eastern Europe in the 17th century, with highly-detailed and sculpted minis taking on the fields of battle to conquer new lands. Historic accuracy is something that both Sosiński and Szwelicki have insisted on, creating not just a robust underpinning gameplay and design, but making sure it reflects the realities of the period. 

By Fire and Sword comes with an outstanding variety of units that will allow you to adapt and design different play styles as you go along. The game comes with highly tactical and strategic elements, where the turn order doesn’t matter and where your choice of positioning and vector of attack would be the difference between victory and defeat. 

A big chunk of the balance is put on designing a strong army, which means that players need to approach each battlefield with the acumen and prescience of battle-hardened war generals who know how to make sure their forces succeed. The game will also focus on allowing players to bring armies of varying strength as a means to offset terrain advantage, for example. 

Quality Minis and Quality Gameplay Aiming at Balance 

In terms of actual manufacturing, By Fire and Sword does very well across the board. The game has focused on bringing along with it well-sculpted minis that will fit nicely on your table but won’t require you to make any sacrifice when it comes to the quality of the actual paint job or having to look for too big a battlefield to enjoy the game.

By Fire and Sword similarly implements tons of fresh content, bringing along with it familiar scenarios, random effects, and stratagems, and enhancing them with previously unseen gameplay elements. To help with setup, Wargamer Games Studio has created an Army Creator list to further streamline the process of army-building. 

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