The Horror Game Show Board Game cover.
Image credit: Bored Games

Board games are seeing a boom in a brand-new genre of thematic games that put players in the role of movie directors of horror movies, or the victims of their monsters. Perhaps the most prominent of this genre is the Final Girl series, but now a new contender has emerged with Bored Games announcing their upcoming campaign for The Horror Game Show Board Game

Making Movies Is a Horror – Claw Your Way to the Top

The Polish game developer has not set an official launch date for the campaign yet, but there are already more than 2,800 followers eagerly waiting to see The Horror Game Show arrive on Kickstarter. In the game, 2-4 players get to be the producer of a new reality TV show over 120-180 gripping minutes filled with cinematic disappointment, wacky plots, and frankly – questionable acting. Oh, and did we mention the carnage?

Yet, the only horror you will have to brace at the movie set is rival producers and actors trying to make more money than you and earn more fame and prestige in the process. Each producer will try to create products that stay on screen and are loved by the audiences the longest. Just like any good movie industry would have it, though, players will have their fair share of betrayals and intrigues, as producers are hellbent on getting their way no matter what.

The Horror Game Show Board Game is split into 12 rounds with each player drawing 4 cards in each and playing them alternatively. Players can also tap into a special set of cards called intrigue, throwing a spanner in the works of their opponents as they try to get ahead of the competition – just like any Hollywood glitterati would. 

Competitive Gameplay Rewarding Raw Success

Characters can actually engage in fights with each other and eliminate opponents, earning even more benefits in the process. You may have thought that the movie industry would be cut-throat, sure, but wait until you see The Horror Game Show. Plus, there are many ways to stay in the pole position. Players will earn extra points for being top performers, last survivors, and more. 

Make no mistake, for there is a lot of carnage in this game, and the theme and actual gameplay are very thematic if somewhat gruesome on occasion but funny in their own macabre ways. The Horror Game Show can be played as a party game that stretches a little longer and makes for an exciting first impression on new players.

Another plus is the fairly straightforward rules that are taught quickly, meaning that players get involved with the rewarding if somewhat gory gameplay right from the start. The Horror Game Show is coming to Kickstarter soon, so you better sharpen your weapons!

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