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Image Source: Kickstarter has launched a fresh crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, with the publisher raising funds for four games, to wit Pies, Mori, Lunar and Bacon, seeking to secure a $10,000 goal. The good news is that the company has already succeeded, bringing in more than $95,300 from 1,190 backers.

A Quarter of Excellent Games Is Coming by BoardGameTables 

BoardGameTables’ latest projects join a number of other successful releases, including Mountain Goats, Habitats, On Tour, Bites, Factory Funner, QE, and many more, with the funding goal now well secured. The latest releases are intended for a more casual audience and focus on quick-paced and easy-to-grasp gameplay, which will still appeal to new and experienced gamers. 

Each of the games has a distinct theme that adds to the variety of the quartet. Pies, for example, is a game that will ask players to create different and best-tasting pies and savor their flavors. The game focuses on taking card tricks. 

Then there is Mori, which as the name probably suggests, is a game about growth – and decay. The game’s name is the Latin word for “death” and the Japanese word for “forest,” so there is a lot of symbolism in the art and the pick of the name. Players will use both tricks and dice to score better than their opponents, enjoying a range of gameplay twists to bring around the most fun and enjoyable experience possible with the dice clearly making for some unpredictable outcomes.

Lunar is a game that is inspired by the phases of the moon and will call upon nocturnal creatures to complete tricks and score points. The game will be based on these different moon phases and ask you to strategize about the best move across the different phases. Above all else, Lunar is a partnership game that will require some collaboration.

Bacon, What a Delicious Board Game Treat 

Then, there is Bacon, a game for 4-6 players which will have you vie to be the first team to play – which is the only team that can score! The game plays in 40 minutes and will have you naturally try to score the most points. But going out first doesn’t mean that you are in a good position, as the other team will be working against you. The game also has a 3-5 players competitive mode.

All of these games are beautifully illustrated and will bring you a ton of variety and great art and feature tokens to make the experience delectable. BoardGameTables has done a really good job of providing you with an exciting blend of lightweight and fun games that you can explore on your own terms. You can still back the Kickstarter crowdfunding round with 7 more days to go.

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