Boardcubator's Project L reprint.
Image credit: Boardcubator

Project L, Boardcubator’s abstract strategy game released in 2020, is getting a reprint and a new expansion to celebrate the game’s success, fandom, and innovative concept. Designed by Michal Mikeš, Jan Soukal, and Adam Spanel is a simple yet deep puzzle game that is inspired by Tetris.

Loyalty Pays off with Boardcubator’s Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign

The Kickstarter Campaign for the Phoenix Expansion is launching on April 4 along with the reprint. Players will be able to pick either copy, or both games if they choose to. All Ambassadors who subscribe before the campaign launch will get the Phoenix Expansion for free – but still be charged the shipping costs.

This also applies for people who have backed the previous campaigns. The statement by Boardcubator says:

“As a thank you to our loyal subscribers, all Ambassadors who subscribe before the campaign launches or have backed our previous campaigns will receive the Phoenix Expansion for free (shipping costs apply).”


Boardcubator is helping to see more people spreading the word for the upcoming campaign. Meanwhile, Project L is a fantastic game to pick from Kickstarter, along with the expansion. Styled as a “brain burner.”

You will set out to complete triple-layer 3D puzzles and put together acrylic pieces. All players start with just two basic pieces, and they work their way up from there, developing a powerful engine as they go along. Efficiency is the name of the game here, and you will want to construct the best engine to really see your efforts take off.

Project L Phoenix is not the only expansion the series has seen recently. The designers have been keen to get more out of the game and not just by way of layering new mechanics to no particular end. Boardcubator has introduced meaning with each of the expansions the company has rolled out, including the Ghost Piece and Finesse extensions in 2021.

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