Maladum Dungeons of Enveron Board Game Minis
Image credit: Battle Systems

Battle Systems Ltd. has launched its latest Kickstarter project, Maladum: Dungeons of Enveron, another miniatures adventure board game. The campaign quickly surpassed its funding goal of $60,000 within hours of launch and is currently sitting at close to $400,000 with 19 days to go before the campaign wraps up.

Battle Systems Delivers Another Fantastic Miniatures Experience 

The new title is a dungeon crawler that uses generously-sculpted miniatures and terrain pieces that can be used for other RPGs and Dungeon and Dragons sessions. The pledges range from $60 to $210, making Maladum: Dungeons of Enveron an affordable tabletop delight benefiting from Battle System’s long-standing track record in crafting fantastic miniatures experiences.

The new game comes with plenty to offer, including 1-6 players gameplay that stretches over 45-120 minutes of playtime. The game’s rules are not too complicated or rated as a medium-weight game all in all, although it’s suitable for individuals of 14+

The game is also designed by a duo of known miniatures creators, to wit Colin Young and Stewart Gibbs who have had their fair share of designing miniature games for the company. Their talent shows anew in Maladum, which will rely on a very detailed 3D board game terrain to evoke even more exciting experiences. It all comes included in the core box, too, so that players do not need to worry about hunting extra pieces off-market or through additional purchases.

The campaign system is play-tested and secured by Battle System’s years of experience in the hobby, bringing you a well-rounded experience from start to finish. You will be able to track your party’s progress, and with up to six players to get in on the action, there will be a lot of opponents to defeatchallenges to address, and perilous journeys to undertake. The full pledge will get you not just the starter set but the Battle Systems Dungeon Terrain and all applicable terrain goals.  

The game itself can be played solo or cooperatively, with the core campaign focused on branching storylines that will feel and play uniquely every time you embark on a game. You may combine the available terrain with any other pieces of miniature terrain you have handy and benefit from Battle Systems’ unique, modular, and rewarding experience. 

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