Ares Games' Sword & Sorcery Abyssal Legends
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Ares Games has nearly completed the funding round for the latest and most ambitious expansion for the Sword & Sorcery franchise – Abyssal Legends. The Kickstarter campaign has so far raised $269,648 from 2,259 backers over the 30-day crowdfunding window and beat the $50,000 goal set by the studio, and less than 56 hours to go.

Sword & Sorcery: Abyssal Legends Draws to Completion on Kickstarter

The cooperative fantasy board game is a one-to-five-player experience that is set in its own unique world developed over what has now been years. The Sword & Sorcery franchise has grown even more exciting with the latest campaign set, Abyssal Legends, which takes the immortal heroes of the game on a new quest to the anchorage of the Ancient Marine where they investigate a mysterious death at the Heavenshine monastery.

The game is designed by Gremlin Projects and distributed by Ares Games and the latest instalment follows the highly successful Immortal Souls and Ancient Chronicles chapters that polished the franchise and made it even more popular with fans. Not only that, but Ares and Gremlin have promised to make Sword & Sorcery an even more streamlined game system with the introduction of Abyssal Legends.

The game is due to arrive to backers in 2024 and it has received a massive wave of affection from the community, scoring 9.4/10 well ahead of release, although with just a few votes on BoardGameGeek. Abyssal Legends will also pit the heroes against a Cthulhu-inspired monster, known as the Great Elder One. 

To make things even more fun for players, Sword & Sorcery: Abyssal Legends is compatible with Immortal Souls and Ancient Chronicles, and players can use all available heroes and enemies from the previous seasons. Abyssal Legends characters and enemies can also be integrated with the earlier seasons, making for an elevated and more streamlined experience as well. 

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