The cover for the upcoming Amygdala board game.
Image Source: Game Brewer

Amygdala,” the abstract strategy game where you unlock emotions of hope, happiness, serenity and more, has launched a new Gamefound campaign, along with an exclusive edition for the game. The design and theme are particularly well picked, as the name “Amygdala” is the term used to describe the mass of grey matter inside the cerebral hemisphere in the brain that is largely responsible for experiencing emotions.

Evoke Your Fondest Memories and Emotions to Win at “Amygdala”

This almond-shaped mass is captured in the box art design by Anastasia Cartovenco who illustrated the game. So far as game themes go, the title is definitely one of the most original ones we have seen so far. The game is published by Game Brewer in collaboration with designers Michael Kiesling and Wolfgang Kramer.

If the game betrays some “Azul” vibes, this is mostly because Kiesling was involved with the creating of the game as well. As to Kramer, he is a veteran board game designer, having won multiple distinctions in his time and worked on titles such as “El Grande,” “The Princes of Florence,” and “Colosseum,” among many others.

In “Amygdala,” the creative duo will enable players to hunt for “emotional resources,” which are then stored in players’ memory banks and released to unlock those emotions. Players will vie to control different areas of the brain associated with emotions.

While seeking to dominate regions, players will also have to maintain a strong presence across the board as the players who score the most in terms of emotions presence in each region will also be granted a big bonus at the end of the game when scoring is done.

Giving players much the same feel as “Azul,” “Amygdala” is a fest for the eyes with a design of a particular symmetric beauty. The game will play for 2-4 players and be completed in 90 minutes. The Gamefound campaign includes custom metal coins and storage boxes with magnetic lid. You can go and place your pledge on “Amygdala” right now.

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