Wilds of Eldraine MTG expansion set for 2023 art.
Image: Wizards of the Coast

The churning of the cogs in the machinery that is Wizards of the Coast continues as Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming expansion set, Wilds of Eldraine, is bringing anime-style cards which will release in September.

The world of MTG shifts once back to the plane of Eldraine based on the Arthurian legend and first introduced to audiences back in 2019 with Throne of Eldraine. The new set will feature a number of reprinted cards, such as Necropotence and Greater Auramncy.

In total, players may scoop up 63 Enchanting Tales cards, with 20 of them contributed by Japanese artists and designing the cards to be specifically set in anime style. The cards are also borderless and they include Doubling Season by Kemonomichi, Greater Auramancy by Mai Okuma, Smothering Tithe by Daisuke Tasuma, Rhystic Study by Fuzichoco, Necropotence by Kuregure and Aggravated Assault by Zizero.

Image: Wizards of the Coast

These new cards are quite fun and they will be featured across boosters. The Wilds of Eldraine boosters will also feature a Japanese version of the cards and there will be Wilds of Eldraine Collector Boosters with confetti foil for collectors far and wide. The new set is also intertwined with Magic’s biggest story, as Eldraine is the first set since the Phyrexian Invasion of the Multiverse.

More information about Wilds of Eldraine will be available as part of the Wilds of Eldraine preview season which will start on August 15. The set will be released on September 8, but if you are determined to start booking some boosters and set pieces now, you can do so by pre-ordering whichever of the boxes you like.

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