Ravensburger details the third set for Disney Lorcana due in February, 2024.
Image: Ravensburger

Disney Lorcana is in good health even if Tinker Bells are hard to come by. Yet, confident in the success of the first two sets so far this season, and amid the pre-order of Rise of the Floodborn, Ravensburger has now offered details into the third and upcoming set for the trading card game, aptly called Into the Inklands, which builds on the storyline of the previous releases.

Visit New Locations Cards That Help Flesh Out the Story of Lorcana

The third set for the game will introduce locations, a type of new card that will bring more from the world of Disney such as Motonui and Jolly Roger, and lead to special interactions between the characters and the newly-introduced settings. The resulting interactions will benefit players and guide strategy and decision-making when putting a new deck together.

The release date has been confirmed as February 23, 2024, but this will apply to game stores, whereas mass retail will have to wait a little while longer, until March 8, 2024. Still, there is a ton of new characters and locations coming in a few months’ time and players are nothing if not excited.

Scrooge McDuck, Perdita, Pluto and Kit Cloudkicker are also among the stars to get the limelight in the upcoming set along with mini-stories that will be baked into the lore of Disney Lorcana and be available as easter eggs for players to explore.

A Deluge of Ink Sets Illumineers Looking for Lore – Indy Style

Ravensburger has explained that Illumineers must collect pieces of lost lore across the Inklands which were lost to an inundation of mixed ink, accidentally released by a careless peer.

The new set also comes with a playful Indiana Jones-themed logo that suggest that you will need to really venture out to procure the pieces of lore that will help flesh out the world of Disney Lorcana and continue to develop what is clearly an overarching storyline shared across the sets.

Disney Lorcana also fittingly scooped up the Tabletop Awards 2023 Best Ongoing Card Game. If this is the case next year, only time will show. It seems people who have got their hands on Rise of the Floodborn will now not have to wait too long before they scoop up the next installment in the series.

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