Ravensburger Disney Lorcana
Image credit: Ravensburger

Illumineers rejoice – Ravensburger has made some big reveals, one of which is a huge look at the official rules of their highly anticipated trading card game Disney Lorcana. These reveals seem to be a response to the Game Trade Magazine Lorcana rules leak.

Here’s what we already know – as an Illumineer (the term for “player” in Lorcana), you get to use magically infused ink (the game’s resource) to summon characters from all over the Disney universe. With the latest reveal, we now know that they are called “glimmers”. Illumineers can then use these glimmers, along with various action cards, item cards, and song cards, to collect lost lore. This is done by sending their glimmers to missions. Other Illumineers may challenge those glimmers, at which point a battle is conducted. The first Illumineer to collect 20 lore wins a game of Disney Lorcana.

You may have noticed a never-before-heard card type – “song”. Song cards are a type of action card that is inspired by songs from the Disney universe. What’s interesting about them is that when a certain condition is met, some characters can sing them for free!

The Organized Player Program Will Have a “Recruit a Friend” Feature

Ravensburger has also announced that Disney Lorcana will have an Organized Play program, which will become live when the game is released. Retail stores will receive a number of goodies, including kits of promo cards, pins, and prizes for participating players. These kits are likely to be used for tournament hostings and various Lorcana-related events, which in turn will result in boosting organized and competitive play, increasing the popularity of the game. Lorcana players will be able to earn points by bringing a friend to any one of those events or simply by teaching other players how to play the game. 

The accumulated points can then be redeemed for real prizes – a great way to boost player socializing and get them on the Lorcana hook! The Organized Play kits will be sufficient for up to 12 weeks of league play. Ryan Miller, Lorcana’s Brand Manager has stated that not only are they hoping to “support the longevity of the game”, but also turn game shops and retail stores into a “second home” for Lorcana players and collectors.

Disney Lorcana is expected to launch on 18 August at specialist game retailers, and its global release is scheduled for 1 September, which is why Lorcana’s website states “coming to tabletop fall 2023”.

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