Monster Channel's new TCG Animal Kingdom.
Image: Monster Channel

A new trading card game is coming, as it is apparently the season. Animal Kingdom TCG is a new game by Monster Channel, which has launched an ambitious $25,000 Kickstarter campaign that ended up raising the money in 40 minutes and currently sits at more than $50,000 in total funding by over 150 backers.

Animal Kingdom TCG Seeks to Add Freshness to the Genre 

Monster Channel outlies some bold claims in the project’s description, as it will seek to create a fresh game that will be crafted in no small degree by the company’s owner, an experienced LGS owner and tournament organizer himself. 

TCGs is a brutal market to have companies compete in, especially when there are Disney Lorcana and a new Star Wars: Unlimited game around the corner, to speak nothing of the mammoth, Magic: The Gathering.

Yet, Monster Channel feels there is room for more innovation and as the company puts it, freshness. The game features a quick learning video that helps players get introduced with the game and its core mechanics, as well as actual play in ten minutes. 

Animal Kingdom TCG focuses on building a city whereby you pick an Assistant Mayor and Adventurers to take on different quests. Players will also play Buildings and hire Workers to ensure that their City supports their playstyle. 

The goal is to earn a currency known as Renown and lead your City to Prosperity, as explained by the Kickstarter campaign. There are also Attributes you can lean into to bestow further advantages upon your City, such as PowerMysticismSubterfuge, and Authority, each of which are unpacked nicely in the gameplay. These Attributes are in fact the types of decks you may choose. 

Part of the early days campaign success on Kickstarter seems to be owing to the fact that the game has been successful incorporated into Tabletop Simulator, allowing Monster Channel to showcase the game around local game stores as well as conventions, and building up the game’s profile.

Great Entry Cost, Community Already in Place

The game is fairly accessible at recommended best retail price of $50 for the Animal Kingdom TCG Starter Kit which includes a hefty basket of cards. Players get 76 cards in each of their decks for a total of 304 cards, plus tokens. Individual starter decks will be available for $15, making it a very affordable TCG, although one that is in the process of making a name for itself. 

The campaign has offered a detailed breakdown of Monster Channel’s costs as well as offered a handful of further details into the game. All in all, Animal Kingdom TCG is indeed a refreshing take on the TCG genre and has managed to build a tight following around its products.

With the campaign funding in just 40 minutes and still with 26 days to go, there seems to be a lot of room for potential growth. You can check out Animal Kingdom TCG’s campaign on the official Kickstarter page and see if you are interested in backing it.  

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