Ares Games' War of the Ring: Against the Shadow
Image: Ares Games

Ares Games has announced the arrival date for “Against the Shadow,” the company’s first expansion for the recently released War of the Ring: The Card Game. The new extension to the base game will hit retail shelves in September 2023, and it will include both a cooperative as well as a solo mode, to allow players to elevate their experience and enjoy more of the popular scenery, challenges, and events of Middle Earth across all of the ages.

Designed by Ian Brody, War of the Ring: The Card Game is fully inspired by the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The game is set for 2-4 players and 90-120 playtime. It’s fit for ages 12+ and has a complexity rating of 2.86 out of 5. In the game, players use cards to command the Free Peoples and the Shadow Armies as they try to help one side or the other win.

To this end, players will utilize specially crafted decks, employ various stratagems, and generally keep pace with the fighting. 

Joining Up with Your Friends Against the Shadow Factions 

Now, Against the Shadow” wants to introduce an expansion that will boost camaraderie between players and allow two players to fight cooperatively against the Shadow Factions, or for a player to take it upon themselves to defeat evil in the solo mode.

Ares Games promises that the games have been designed in a way that allows the company to really challenge players while also simplifying the gameplay with the help of a flowchart. The expansion will have a debut showcasing at the much-anticipated UK Games Expo 2023 on June 2-4 in Birmingham, the United Kingdom, with Ares Games on-site to show you how the game’s newest instalment plays and feels. 

All in all, Against the Shadow, promises to be an immersive experience that also innovates how fans of the game can approach and play it. 

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