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When it comes to popular modern-day novelists, one might quickly think of Brandon Sanderson. The author of numerous fantasy, sci-fi, and other books, has become somewhat of a living legend over the past years, and he is still going strong, releasing many new novels all the time. Although his books span different worlds and genres, Sanderson’s novels have spawned a cult following that will be delighted to hear a new deckbuilding game based on his works is in development and planned to be released next year.

What Do We Know About This Project?

Followers of Sanderson’s YouTube channel will know the author is an avid gamer and likes to play both the computer and the tabletop kind (in the rare moments he actually takes a break from writing). Perhaps due to this, he has ventured into these kinds of mediums, lending his work to the VR game based on his Stormlight Archive series and helping to create the universe for last year’s Moonbreaker.

However, he has stated before that he would like to have a hand in more tabletop games, which explains why there is a deckbuilding game based on his work being created now. There is not much information on which of Sanderson’s worlds will the game be based on, or even what it’s called, but we do know what company is developing it – Brotherwise Games.

Those who follow Sanderson’s projects closely might recognize that name, as it’s the same team currently working on another tabletop game based on his works. Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive is a tabletop RPG based on the eponymous franchise (which as we already said, also has a VR game). The company has a rich portfolio of successful titles, such as Moss Monster, Night of the Ninja, and the original Call to Adventure.

Unfortunately, neither Brandon Sanderson nor Johnny O’Neal, co-founder and president of Brotherwise Games, have talked about what world will the deckbuilder be based on. Some fans have argued that the game could be released alongside Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive, so that the two games could be crossed over in some way. Meanwhile, others speculate that the game could be based on the Mistborn series, as it’s one of the author’s most popular works and it also shares its fantasy setting of Cosmere with Stormlight Archive.

Fans will have to continue speculating until more information on the project is released. But Sanderson is well-known for addressing his readers through his various social media accounts, so chances are we might soon get to see a stream where he talks about the deckbuilding game.

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