Disney Lorcana's Stitch charcter.
Image: Ravensburger

Disney Lorcana: Trading Card Game is upon us and with it, the First Chapter, the game’s first season, is bringing some exceptional cards that you may want to secure and add to your decks. Whether you intend to play Disney Lorcana TCG recreationally or competitively, this list of the 12 best Disney Lorcana cards will offer you some general directions as to what cards you want to add to your deck.

1. Stitch, Rock Star

Stitch Rock Star Disney Lorcana TCG card.
Image: Ravensburger

This card is all about card draw value. Popularly voted as the best Amber Card in Lorcana right now, Stitch, Rock Star is extremely powerful and potentially game-ending if left unchecked. His rather weak 3 / 5 stats for a six drop are very deceiving, especially given the card’s Shift keyword, allowing it to play him for just four mana onto another Stitch card. His ability easily turns your characters that cost two or less into powerful cantrips that will easily allow you to draw a ton of cards and flood the board for easy domination. A real avalanche of a card, players should definitely look out for this Rock Star!

2. Heihei, Boat Snack

Heihei Disney Lorcana TCG card
Image: Ravensburger

At first glance, Heihei doesn’t seem like anything special at all – a one drop with one strength and two willpower. That is, until you realize the all-important “Support” keyword, allowing it to add its strength to another character while questing (for that turn). This means that not only does it empower other cards but gives you lore as well. What makes it one of the best Lorcana cards is the sheer potential of indirectly challenging as well, by providing its strength to a challenging character. Useful in both the early and the late game, this hidden low-cost gem is not to be underestimated!

3. Fire the Cannons

Fire the Cannons! Disney Lorcana TCG card
Image: Ravensburger

Despite it being a one-cost card, Fire the Cannons is extremely versatile. In the early game, it can easily get rid of those pesky one or two-drops, saving you from an early snowball threat (like that pesky Heihei I covered). In the late game, it can finish off a tougher character that proves too much of a challenge. Add that to its potential synergy with Captain Hook, and you’ve got one of the best Lorcana cards in the game. The card is still a sleeper and is still being overlooked by the majority of the player base, but the word of its “hidden” power is quickly spreading, so you better use it now before its power starts being abused and overused.

4. Hercules, True Hero

Hercules Disney Lorcana TCG card game
Image: Ravensburger

Being the strongest among Gods and Men, it’s fitting that Hercules is also one of the strongest cards in the game currently. At first glance, he doesn’t have anything all that special to him – a decent 3 / 3 stat card for a three drop, with the Bodyguard keyword. However, after a closer inspection, players will be wise to realize just how impactful a cheap Bodyguard card can be. Currently, this card proves to be a bane for aggro/rush decks and any type of challenge cards. It offers a good stopping power for its cost, and most of all – protects your valuable heroes from being challenged. Having said that, its flavor text “You gotta admit, that was pretty heroic” is quite fitting for his Herculean heroic intervention.

5. Be Our Guest

Be Our Guest Disney Lorcana TCG card
Image: Ravensburger

Another powerful Amber Card, Be Our Guest helps you cycle through your deck with little to no effort. Its powerful effect of looking through 4 cards and putting one Character Card in your hand is insanely powerful, despite the supposed downside of putting the others at the bottom of the deck. Why, you may ask? Because it mitigates negative card draw and gets you exactly the card it needs. Additionally, being a Song Action card that can be sung by any Character that costs 2 or more makes it extremely flexible. A powerful combo card to be sure, it has a ton of implications, costs close to nothing, and the deck cycling ability is why it’s considered one of the best Lorcana cards in the game right now.

6. Let It Go

Let It Go Disney Lorcana TCG card
Image: Ravensburger

Like in any card game, removal is an essential control element to the game, and Disney Lorcana is no exception. Named after Elsa’s signature song, Let It Go is a must-have Sapphire card for a variety of reasons. Its effect of sending any chosen Character into their player’s inkwell facedown and exerted. Not only can you use this as a powerful removal spell for your opponent’s Characters, but you can use it on your Characters for a powerful ramp effect. Being a Song Action card that can be sung for free by Characters costing 5 or more makes it that much easier to use. Let It Go has a place not only in every Disney fan’s playlist but in every Lorcana deck as well.

7. Moana Of Motunui

Moana of Motunui Disney Lorcana TCG card.
Image: Ravensburger

Another powerful Lore gain card, Moana offers you three Lore for the small cost of 5 Ink. Yes, her Power is rather low, but her effect more than compensates for it. Moana readies your Princess characters whenever she quests. This has a ton of implications and can quickly snowball out of control. For instance, you can quest with all your Princess characters, then quest with Moana to use them all over again, gaining their Lore in the process. But, believe it or not, there is more than this effect can do. Even if your Princess characters are exerted or challenged, Moana can read them again to use their effects anew, or something else if you prefer. Princess power!

8. Maleficent, Biding Her Time

Maleficent Disney Lorcana TCG card
Image: Ravensburger

Shoutout to all Hearthstone players that remember Patches the Pirate. Like him, Maleficent, Biding Her Time bears the 1 mana 1 / 1 stat line and is just as powerful, if not more. All experienced TCG players know that low stat lines don’t necessarily mean low-quality cards – quite the opposite! So what makes the queen of evil one of the best Lorcana cards right now? You need to look no further than the two Lore that it generates. Two Lore for one cost is insane in Lore Aggro decks right now, and given the cheap Bodyguard cards like Hercules, True Hero, she also has easy access to reliable protection. If left unchecked, she can essentially end the game on the very first turn.

9. Aurora, Dreaming Guardian

Aurora Disney Lorcana TCG card
Image: Ravensburger

Would you believe me if I told you that Sleeping Beauty of all things would be Disney Lorcana stat monster? Such is the case with Aurora, Dreaming Guardian – a real powerhouse standing at the impressive 3 / 5 for just 5 ink. Wait, that doesn’t seem too exciting. Well, that’s only so until you read her card text. You will notice that Aurora has the powerful Shift keyword, which allows you to use her powerful stat line for dirt cheap. Not only that, she offers great support for her and other Characters with her Ward-giving ability, which means single or multi-target removal spells no longer become a viable solution. This Sleeping Beauty is “sleeper OP”.

10. Elsa, Snow Queen

Elsa Snow Queen Disney Lorcana TCG card
Image: Ravensburger

It would make sense that Sapphire would be Disney Lorcana’s version of blue mana in Magic: The Gathering. I know, I hate making comparisons between different card games myself, but Elsa, Snow Queen is hardly any help in that regard. Her ability to exert a Character the moment they step on the board is extremely powerful. Not only does it prevent your opponent from questing, but also from challenging and exerting that Character for its abilities. And that’s just one Elsa. Imagine having multiple copies of the fan-favorite snow queen on the board. You could shut down entire strategies with just one card, having access to multiple counter cards is simply devastating. You need just look at a couple of control decks from other card games to realize just how potent that playstyle is for, quite literally, freezing your opponents solid.

11. Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire Disney Lorcana TCG card
Image: Ravensburger

This card was probably the easiest one to include on this list – its effect of straight-up banishing a character leaves no room for confusion or need to explain how powerful this effect is. Effective removal is very potent and important in any card game, as some Character effects can otherwise shut you down completely. Dragon Fire is Ruby’s solution to major threats in Disney Lorcana, and as such is a must-include in every Ruby deck. Despite the fact that Ward is an obvious major counter to this card, there is no guarantee your opponent will have access to Characters or Abilities with it by the time you play Dragon Fire. Its powerful disruption potential can not be overstated.

12. Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor

Mickey Mouse Disney Lorcana TCG card
Image: Ravensburger

It wouldn’t be a Disney Lorcana list without including the mascot himself. Mickey Mouse, Brave Little Tailor brings a ton to the table – a set of powerful stats, keyword, and lore generation. He is the absolute total package and hands down one of the best Lorcana cards right now. Not only is he Evasive, meaning only characters with Evasive can challenge him, but he also generates a whopping 4 Lore, which is excellent for questing. The 5 / 5 stat line is also excellent for an evasive character, having the potential to deal surprisingly high amounts of damage whenever needed. All of these factors make the card extremely reliable and easy to include with every strategy. The only supposed downside it has is being an 8 cost, but there are a lot of ways to ramp to that amount or bypass it entirely.

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