Secret Hitler board game and components.
Hitler is a pawn in the hands of the Liberals and Fascists - prevent calamity or embrace destruction!

Have you ever wondered what the best board games for teens are? With thousands of games to pick, you must have asked yourself which ones would appeal to your kids best. Well, worry no more as we will get you a bunch of titles that are not only age-appropriate – they are also some of the most memorable board games of all times.

Find fund and exciting board games for teens fit for every taste. Whether your teens want to play a game of social deduction, a deeply cooperative or competitive game – you will find a good suggestion on our list!

Top List of Board Games for Teens

1. What Do You Meme?

The What Do You Meme game box and components.
See a meme – create a meme!

Players: 3-20 | Play Time: 30-90 Min | Age: 17+

What Do You Meme? is a hilarious board game that’s perfect for teens who love social media and internet memes. In the game, 3-20 players will compete to create the funniest memes using a deck of prompt cards that feature popular internet memes, images, and catchphrases.

To score points, players must come up with the funniest caption or caption combination for each prompt card. The game is quick-paced and easy to learn, making it perfect for parties or game nights with friends.

What truly stands out about What Do You Meme is its ability to inspire creativity and humor. Even if you’re not familiar with every meme in the game, the prompt cards provide plenty of inspiration for coming up with your own punchlines. Plus, the game’s social nature makes it a fun and engaging board game for teens who love to compete against or have a laugh with their friends.

Overall, What Do You Meme? is a fantastic board game for teens that’s sure to bring laughs and entertainment to any group of people looking to have a good time

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2. Ticket to Ride 

Players: 2-5 | Play Time: 30-60 Min | Age: 8+

Ticket to Ride is an approachable board game for teens that’s perfect for players aged 8 and up. In the game, you’ll compete with other players to build railroad networks across different countries, cities, and continents. With both a European and US edition available, players will vie to claim the most railway roads and establish the best, longest, and most accomplished network.

With simple rules that can be taught in just 15 minutes, Ticket to Ride offers a challenging and rewarding tabletop experience that can be played in teams, or individually. Throughout the game, players must choose between stocking up on good cards or acting quickly to secure critical infrastructure before their opponents.

The game’s unique theme of railroad building is immersive, and the strategic gameplay provides a great opportunity for players to outwit their opponents. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to board games, Ticket to Ride is an exciting and engaging game that’s sure to become a favorite among teens.

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3. Secret Hitler 

Secret Hitler board game and components.
Hitler is a pawn in the hands of the Liberals and Fascists – prevent calamity or embrace destruction!

Players: 5-10 | Play Time: 45 Min | Age: 13+

The fate of the world hangs in the balance, specifically – in the Bundestag, the German parliament, where Liberals and Fascists vie for control over the state. In Secret Hitler, 5-10 players will try to establish their political agenda and secure absolute power over pre-WW2 Germany. If the Fascists succeed, they will bring around one of the biggest calamities in human history.

If the Liberals get their way, the world of tomorrow will be so much different. In Secret Hitler, players are randomly assigned a secret role as Fascists or Liberals. The former group seeks to install their infamous leader whereas the Liberals want to convince voters not to fall into the hands of right-hand populists and assuage Hitler’s far-right influences. The personality of Hitler is known from the start, but that player has no idea who the Fascists are.

In each round, a Chancellor and a President are chosen to enact a law, which will either have a Liberal or a Fascist bent. Both teams will compete to convince Hitler to choose their side and advance their own goals. The Liberals seek to pass five liberal policies and assimilate and prevent Hitler from becoming the odious personality he is known to be in history, whereas the Fascists will seek to enact six fascist policies. 

This is the best board game for teens who are not interested in politics. It provides a great opportunity to show cunning and prowess, and it’s a fun experience for teens aged 13+. 

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4. Catan

Catan game components.
Colonize lands, exploit and win battles!

Players: 3-4 | Play Time: 60-120 Min | Age: 10+

Catan is a popular strategy and civilization-building board game for teens and grown-ups alike. In the game, players will colonize patches of land and vie to generate resources that they can use to advance their empires by building more settlements, mustering armies, and scoring the most points.

The game has a light theme and immersive gameplay which quickly tips into a highly-competitive race for resources and the best swathes of land. Players are able to trade resources with each other during a game, trying to balance and ensure that no single opponent will get too far ahead. Catan is one of the best board games for teens as it invites interpersonal conflict, diplomacy, and yes – the occasional attack on an opponent’s settlement. 

It’s a fun, fast-paced and captivating game with many key concepts that can be a gateway to more complicated games or serve as the basis for forming good character and soft skills, both important for teenagers. The gameplay boils down to making judgment calls and not least – rolling dice which will pretty much determine what you can do in a given turn.

To collect resources, you have to account for what the most likely outcome of the dice would be every roll and then try to colonize those locations of the map specifically that have the best chance of yielding resources.

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5. Blank Slate

Blank Slate board game box and components.
Fill in the missing blanks and create some humorous outcomes.

Players: 3-8 | Play Time: 20-35 Min | Age: 8+

Blank Slate is a social game of deduction that is the perfect board game for teens. In the game, a prompt card will be drawn with a missing word. Players will then have to write down a word that they think other players will guess as well, with each match bringing them points. 

Each player takes a turn drawing a prompt card and then writes down the word they think best matches the prompt and that they think other players will guess as well. Blank Slate is crafted to be a little vague on purpose though, with the prompt cards often sending players down different thought processes and tracks, making for hilarious and quite unexpected results. 

The game is played with 3-8 players, the rules are taught in just a minute, and a usual game of Blank Slate takes no more than 20 minutes. All in all, this is one of the best board games for teens, offering fast-paced fun and engaging gameplay. 

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6. Kids Against Maturity

The game and components of Kids Agaisnt Maturity.
It’s time for your kids to raise up against maturity!

Players: 4-10 | Play Time: 30-90 Min | Age: 8+

Kids Against Maturity is one of those board games for teens that grown-ups may actually frown upon. The game takes its inspiration from its dark-humor sister title Cards Against Humanity, but of course with age-appropriate adjustments.

In a game of Kids Against Maturity, “being worst is the best.” Each player is dealt question-and-answer cards. One player will read out the question while the others will pick from their answer cards and play them. The funniest answers will win the round. 

Overall, the game has managed to keep the language mild and the humor delightful. While it can be played with younger players, some parents find certain cards to be offensive or immature. This being said Kids Against Maturity is still a hilarious game even if it needs a few quick edits by an adult to set aside some of the cards that are not to their taste.

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7. We’re Not Really Strangers 

We Are Not Really Strangers baord game components.
Break the ice and get to know others!

Players: 2-6 | Play Time: 30-60 Min | Age: 12+

We’re Not Really Strangers is a fun board game for teens in which they get to know each other. It’s a perfect ice-breaker for people who are newly introduced, and it also teaches important interpersonal skills. The game’s designer, Koreen Odiney, wanted to create a game that allows teenagers and players to connect on a deeper level, without relying on surface-level information.

In the game, players will respond to prompts on a variety of personal themes – with some more lighthearted and others – more introspective. Personal values, fears, and aspirations are all touched upon in the game. 

Of course, no player has to necessarily answer, but the game is designed in a manner that invites you to share. It’s a great way to get to know people better, or even find out something new and fun about your friends and families. 

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8. Cards Against Humanity 

The Cards Agaisnt Humanity box.
Crack the darkest joke around the table.

Players: 4-30 | Play Time: 30 Min | Age: 17+

Cards Against Humanity is a popular fill-in-the-blank card game that has quite a few dark twists. The game is played with a deck of cards that contains questions and answers with one player picking a question card and then other players joining in with answer cards. The player who has furnished the funniest answer is pronounced the winner of the round.

The game is played to no particular endpoint, with players happy to set their own cut-off time. It’s worth noting that Cards Against Humanity, while still a good fit for teens, the age groups it’s recommended for beginners at 17+. 

Some players may find the humor to be too harsh, as the game often exploits themes of sexuality and taboos or can easily tip into gender and racial stereotypes. Small and big gatherings will have fun with Cards Against Humanity. 

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9. Apples to Apples 

A deck of Apples to Apples cards.
Give us the nouns, and we will tell you the adjective!

Players: 4-10 | Play Time: 30 Min | Age: 12+

Apples to Apples is one of the best board games for teens. Much like its darker heirs, Cards Against Humanity and What Do You Meme, the game expects a player to produce a card with an adjective on it while the remaining participants try to provide a noun that would fit the best. 

Each turn will have a player who provides an adjective, with players drawing from their hands to try and find the most fitting and mellifluous combination. If they do, they get points. It’s down to each player who produces the noun to tell the rest which the best noun is – or more accurately, which they think the best noun is. 

The player who puts down the adjective is known as the judge. A game of Apples to Apples is learned easily, it’s quick to play, and there are no innuendos secreted away in the games. It’s a great pick for teenagers who want to play board games. Of course, the game can be enjoyed by groups of all ages, and while a tamer version of Cards Against Humanity, you can still get a few humorous combinations in Apples to Apples! 

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10. Escape Room

Escape Room game components and board game.
A game of logic and puzzle-solving that will have you racing against the clock.

Players: 3-5| Play Time: 60 Min | Age: 16+

Forget about locking up your teens in an Escape Room. You can bring the escape room right to the tabletop with Escape Room: The Game. The board game is designed to help you emulate the true experience of being locked up in an Escape Room where you get to solve various puzzles and use different clues – racing against time to complete each one. 

There are four different scenarios to pick from, and players must work together to crack each mystery and emerge from the room victorious. Each scenario will introduce a varying level of difficulty, storyline, and plot, and some may be more challenging than the rest. The goal is to solve all mysteries and get out of the room before time runs out – at this point if you are still in, you will lose.

Escape Room: The Game is a great board game for teenagers, and it plays for 60 minutes. It’s a great pick for 3-5 players and will definitely make you feel like you are trying to sort out a real escape room experience. Give it a go.

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11. Exploding Kittens

The Exploding Kittens' game box.
Each draw may trigger an Exploding Kittens – beware!

Players: 2-5| Play Time: 15 Min | Age: 7+

Exploding Kittens is a fantastic title all on its own in which one wrong move and pouf… you are gone! The goal of the game is to be the only player standing, which is achieved by diffusing or not drawing any Exploding Kittens Cards. There is usually one exploding kitten card fewer than there is a number of players.

In the game, you are given a hand of cards, and try to play each card according to its effects. A Diffuse card will help you not detonate a bomb even if you draw one while matching cards will let you poach your opponent’s hand, and possibly a Diffuse card! There is a lot of back and forth in a game of Exploding Kittens with luck playing some role in it all. 

Plus, players should be on the lookout for the “Nope!” card which will stop an opponent from playing a certain card as well. All in all, there are many versions of the game that add more rules to the game, but you can pick a basic one and see what else is available out there. Exploding Kittens is a lot of fun and definitely one of the best board games for teens, but also any age group, really.

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12. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

The One Nifght Ultimate Werewolf game bo and components.
The werewolves are out to get you – and they eat a person a night!

Players: 3-10| Play Time: 10 Min | Age: 8+

One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a social deduction board game inspired by psychology. In the game, players take on different roles in a small town that is experiencing attacks by a werewolf. To save themselves, the villages need to kill the werewolf, but there is no way of knowing who the werewolf is. 

The game has a day phase, during which people will try to guess who the werewolf is, and a night phase, when the werewolf would wake up and kill one of the players. The game can be played with more than just one werewolf. During the day phase, players will always have to kill a player, which is, well… fun, but may put a good player out of the game sooner.

Each player will also get to play a different character which contributes something unique. For example, the seer has special abilities that can be used to try and find out who the werewolf or wolves are. This is a brilliant board game of social deduction for teens and one that is bound to be a hit with this and older age groups!

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13. Here to Slay 

Here to Slay board game box.
The dungeon slaying experience of temporary alliances and ultimate betrayal.

Players: 2-6| Play Time: 30-60 Min | Age: 10+

Here to Slay is an interesting board game that teenagers would definitely seem to appreciate. It’s a fast-paced and dynamic game of both deck-building and role-playing elements. In Here to Slay, 2-6 players aged 10+ will pick unique characters that have specific decks of cards that can be further modified and improved.

The decks are used to allow each hero to contribute as the party tries to fight against various monsters and horrors. But hold on, because Here to Slay is not necessarily just about assembling a party of heroes. It can be just as much about sabotaging your friends on occasion.

Here to Slay comes with six classes you can play, and you can take on the role of fighters, bards, wizards, or thieves, always banding together with the types of players that you like best. Each character has a unique ability which adds even more variety and opportunity to make the game more appealing.

This can be a great gateway game to more complex board games that your teenagers may enjoy, such as One Deck Dungeon, or even HeroQuest and Frosthaven. There are more than 40 heroes to pick from in Here to slay. The game ends when you have slain three monster cards or have ended your turn with six full party members. If you do so before anyone else, you are declared the winner! 

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14. Smart Ass

Smart Ass game board and components.
Get your answers right, become the Smart Ass!

Players: 2-12| Play Time: 30 Min | Age: 12+

Smart Ass is a trivia board game that teenagers who love to show off may truly love. The premise of the game is simple – answer the most questions, with each question taking you further across the board. 

To move though, you need to roll a die and land in a specific place. Players will then draw a question and try to answer it. The questions themselves can touch on a variety of topics, from pop culture to geography, to sports, and more. 

An interesting feature is that players may answer even before a question has been asked in full. Overall, Smart Ass is a fun, educational, and entertaining board game for teens with a lot to offer back.

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15. Avalon

The box of Avalon, the board game.
Bad and good knights compete to disrupt a nobel quest or advance a noble purpose!

Players: 4-10| Play Time: 30 Min | Age: 13+

Avalon is another great game of social deduction. In the game, the good guys will try to complete three successful missions with the bad knights trying to stop them from doing this. In each round, a player gets to assemble a party. The parties start slow, with only two players, but they will grow with each turn, meaning that more people will be joining the parties. 

If a bad guy joins a party, the mission may fail. A mission succeeds only if all people who have voted have said that it should succeed. The voting is done in secret so when the votes are revealed, you will then notice that the bad guys may have started showing up. Of course, the bad knights will want to stay anonymous.

There is also another crucial phase to the game. Before a party can start, players have to agree that the knights that the current party leadership has chosen are actually fit to go. Some people will object because they suspect that the knights are bad and they don’t want them at the party, and then again – the bad knights will pretend to be righteous so they can sabotage some of the final missions which involve many more people. 

Being a bad knight but mistaken for a good one will pay off later on! More importantly, if the same leader is unable to start a mission after three attempts, the bad knights automatically win a point. 

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16. Uno

Uno game cards.
A timeless classic that simply won’t go away!

Players: 2-10| Play Time: 30 Min | Age: 6+

Uno is a blast from the past. Invented in 1971, this board game is hitting tabletops to this very day and it’s a great gateway board game experience for your teens to get to know even more complicated concepts in the hobby.

As to Uno itself, the game is played with a deck of 108 cards and the goal is to empty your hand before anyone else. There are several actions to be mindful of, such as Draw Two, Skip, Wild and Reverse and, really, these mechanics are present in many of the best board games today.

Players who can’t play a card will have to draw a card from the deck, which makes their hands even heavier and more difficult to get rid of. Points are scored once you empty your hand, with the value in your opponents’ hands automatically going towards your victory score. Uno is a fun, fast-paced and exciting game that is approachable and still a favorite among teens and grown-ups.

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17. Pandemic

The Pandemic board game and game components.
The world is ablaze with dangerous infections – time is running out for humanity!

Players: 2-10| Play Time: 30 Min | Age: 6+

The board game Pandemic has become a synonym for the game system it has helped invent. In the Pandemic board game, 2-4 players try to cure several highly infectious and deadly diseases that threaten to wipe out humanity. To do so, you take on the roles of researchers and scientists and travel around the globe to collect samples, do research work, and finally find a cure. 

You need to collect enough cards of a certain color and then reach a designated location to cure one of the strains, but even when you do, linger infections continue to get in the way. The game has a highly challenging, you-against-all-odds feel to it, and it is delightfully challenging to boot.

Teenagers love the board game for their immersive theme, deep decision-making, and opportunity to truly bond with their friends. Pandemic also has many different versions and themes, such as Rome, which is based on the story of barbarian invasions of the Roman Empire, and Reign of Cthulhu, which focuses on the Lovecraftian monster.

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18. Doomlings Classic Card Game

Doomlings game cards and components.
Pull yourself out of the Underworld.

Players: 2-6 |Play Time: 24-45 Min | Age: 10+

The underworld has got a little tighter with so many mischievous Doomlings around. In Doomlings: Classic Card Game you play as one of the minions who try to escape the accursed land and venture into people’s realm where they can no doubt wreak even more havoc.

But to get there, you need to outsmart all the other minions trying to do just the same. Teens definitely will find this board game a lot of fun as it takes a lot of strategies and has an immersive theme that expects players to anticipate their opponent’s moves in order to get ahead. 

There is a bit of all in Doomlings, really, as the game has dark humor, a competitive setting, and a bit of camaraderie when all is said and done. After all, you are all trying to crawl out of hell, it’s just that you would rather step on each other’s heads to do so!

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19. Captain SONAR

Captain SONAR game box.
Dive to the depths in this highly cooperative game of submarine warfare with up to 8 players!

 Players: 2-8 | Play Time: 45-60| Age: 14+ 

Captain SONAR is a mighty fun game about submarine warfare that is bound to strike home with your teens. The game is a game of cat and mouse – the submarine kind, with each team consisting of four players who play the roles of Captain, First Mate, Engineer, and Radio Operator.

The game is played in real-time with each team trying to communicate to their teammates without revealing their position and trying to pinpoint the opponents and take them out. For any action to be carried out, a member of the team would need to rely on their teammates to approve it.

Players will rush to shoot torpedoes, repair damage, and try to disappear from the radars. Captain SONAR is a very immersive, fun, and gripping board game that requires good teamwork and strong cooperation, offering players some entertaining times hunting for the opponent’s submarine!

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20. Unstable Unicorns 

Unstable Unicorns' board game box and cards.
Muster the most fiercome and meanest unicorn army!

Unicorns are so cute, and yet… they can be so mean! Unstable Unicorns is a board game for teens that was released in 2017 and it’s designed for 2-8 players. Basically, each of the players will try to build a stable of unicorns each of which comes with its own unique abilities and powers. 

Players will collect cards of all sorts and put them into play to hinder the progress of their opponents and deny them from amassing a more impressive and powerful army of unicorns. In the meantime, players will hunt to upgrade their unicorns, while trying to balance complicated relationships between players.

In a game of Unstable Unicorns, you will also have to craft alliances and… break them when you think they have outlived their utility. The game is fast, entertaining and a lot of fun, making for a fun experience, and perhaps just a few heated disputes and accusations of betrayal!

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Stoyan Todorov

Stoyan entered the hobby over seven years ago and his collection has been growing at a pace his spouse has described as “concerning.” Willing to push the boundaries of the connubial bliss to its extremes, Stoyan is here to bring you the latest updates and developments from the world of board games.

Stoyan entered the hobby over seven years ago and his collection has been growing at a pace his spouse has described as “concerning.” Willing to push the boundaries of the connubial bliss to its extremes, Stoyan is here to bring you the latest updates and developments from the world of board games.