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Board game bags, do you really need them? If you are reading this article the answer is yes. Board game bags aren’t a necessity, but they are a tremendous value-added accessory to have.

Board game storage bags make for a nice board game gift to your friend whose collection has been growing as well, and they are just practical, safeguarding your collection against the wear and tear of time, and also making transportation so much easier and risk-free.

More importantly, board game bags are affordable and you should have no trouble finding one you like, adding a bit of character to your collection. Let’s take a look.

1. Oxford Gray Board Game Bag

Board Game's standard board game bag.
Image: Board Game

This is the basic model offered by Board Game Tables, a brand that surprisingly has nothing to do with board gaming tables. The model is both a Backpack and Luggage Slip. This oddness aside, the Oxford Gray board game bag you can buy from the company is outstanding both in terms of quality and comfort. The bag is sturdy, the straps are very comfortable, and it has reinforced stitching, heavy-duty zippers, and it is water resist.

The inside dimensions are 20” x 12” x 12” which means that you will be able to fit in all of your 12” x 12” board games or carry larger games horizontally. Alright, but why do you call it the basic model? Well, there isn’t anything quality-wise here, really. It’s just that the board game bag looks very standard, whereas some of the models we are going to show you next are a little more touched-up.

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2. Ruby Red Board Game Bag

A single Board Game Table board game bag - burgundy.
Image: Board Game

 Once again a product by Board Game Tables, this board game bag is designed to add just a bit of extra comfort, but not by much. The core characteristics of the bags are pretty much unchanged, and what’s different here is that apart from the Backpack and Luggage Slip, you also get to enjoy a Shoulder Strap, which will allow a little more versatility in transporting your board game collection around.

The other big difference is that the previous model was created from Oxford whereas this one is made of Denim. The rest matches. The Ruby Red is pretty much the same and it offers water-resistant transportation for your games, it’s padded on all six sides to make sure that your boxes will remain intact, which is what you get if you try to stuff your games in just any bag you have at home. Besides, you can also see this board game bag model in Fern Green and Sky Blues.

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3. Ruby Red Board Game Bag + Playmat

A Board Game Tables dot com board game bag and a playmat.
Image: Board Game Tables

Now, if you want to add a bit of extra protection transporting your games, you can buy a dedicated bundle which includes a playmat once again courtesy of Board Game Tables, a company that has absolutely nothing to do with board game tables.

On top of the Rub Red board game bag, you also receive a 5mm thick playmat that will be readily available and allow you to turn any play area into a safe place for your games. The mat is 3’ x 5’, so it’s plenty of space for you to utilize as your gaming area. The mat also comes in its own cloth case, making it easy to carry.

We do enjoy this one and frankly, the quality of the mat is superb, which makes us want to spend the extra $90 on getting this nice addition. After all, what’s the point of having your board games transported nice and tidy if they are only going to get sullied once you arrive at your destination? Not to worry as there is a way around this! Remember that you can always visit the Board Game Tables shop to pick another color.

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4. ENHANCE Board Game Backpack Reinforced

ENHANCE's board game bag.

The ENHANCE Board Game Backpack Reinforced is a great item to add to your collection. You can store up to 60lbs of games and the size is a little wider than the games offered by Board Game Tables. For $139.99, you get a chunky 12.5” x 12.5” x 21” of inside space which should make it easy for you to carry board games and card games, DnD accessories, and more.

A nice touch on this board game bag are the exterior pockets that make it easy to store card decks and pocket-sized games, such as Llama and Hanabi, for example, notepads, buzzers, dice, and more. The elastic internal strap will mean that you do not have to worry about your games moving or getting their edges damaged in transit.

Not only that, but the bag actually comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty, which is a nice touch and a hallmark of quality and commitment. There are many different versions of the bag you can get that mostly has to do with the color, with some eight variations. We personally like the grey one and the polymer doesn’t seem to get dirty too easily, which is nice.

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5. Ultimate Gaming Duffel Bag

This one is a bit cheaper, but it’s still quality. It’s made of polyester, and it comes carry-on compliant, uses battle mat straps, and has high-quality zippers. The dividers are adjustable in case you need a bit of extra space, and you get two foam protectors for your miniatures. The bag is also water resistant, which means that you won’t have to worry about the elements ruining your precious collection.

The bag is created to protect your board game collection from bumps, scratches, and other damage. The duffel bag style of the design means that you can only carry it by the straps as a regular bag, and admittedly it may not be the most convenient way to cross town with it, but it still makes a good container to fit into your car or take to you to a board game café or conventions. The Ultimate Gaming Duffel Bag is definitely very good value for its money.

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6. Guardian Tabletop Gaming Backpack

Stratagem's Guardian Gaming Tabletop bag.
Image: Stratagem

This one is a slightly more specialist board game bag, and it focuses on transporting your miniatures, especially if you are playing games such as Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Star Wars Legion, Star Wars Shatterpoint, Warcry, or anything really. The bag comes with 135 compartments that can accommodate 32-mm x 54-mm miniatures across five stackable foam trays that will provide plenty of safety for your models.

The Guardian Tabletop Gaming Backpack is created by games, which is precisely why you will see that the minis fit nicely in. It takes one to know one, Stratagem Store duly notes. The bag will also serve you well if you are into D&D as the sizes are predicted. Now, the downside is that these compartments won’t fit in your mechs in the compartments.

You would need to customize the three 54-mm deep pluck foam trays instead. There, you can secure your larger figures, such as spaceships, vehicles, tanks, and anything that you want to add comfortably to your bag and bring to the battle with you. This one is a fantastic value for anyone who may be into miniature wargaming.

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7. JDM Lab Board Game Bag Carrier

A board game storage bag by JDM Lab.
Image: JDM Lab

The JDM Lab Board Game Bag Carrier is another worthwhile choice to consider. It’s both budget and quality. The bag is crafted from a high-quality nylon exterior material, and it guarantees long-lasting protection for your games. Inside, you will find a 20” x 12” x 12” space that is neatly padded to ensure that you won’t get chipped or roughened corners, and yes – the bag is water resistant for that added value and emergency.

The zippers are quality as well and there is really nothing to suggest that this bag is anything less than what you need. The bag allows you to keep everything organized, secure a few smaller items in the side pockets carry the bag comfortably on your back and even stow away the straps if you are not using them, which we personally find a small but oddly satisfying detail as we have trampled on too many straps grinding them down to dust.

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8. DND Bag for Dungeon Masters

Damoo's DM Dungeons & Dragons bag.
Image: Damoo

This one is once again a bit more specialist and it’s designed for Dungeon Masters in Dungeons & Dragons. The bag specifically focuses on making your life as a DM much easier by hauling all the necessary paraphernalia along with you.

You will be able to fit maps, rulebooks, dice and pens, a laptop, and more. There are 2 protective cases for miniatures and the overall look of the bag is quite nice, making it very easy to secure all your D&D must-haves inside. The straps are also comfortable, and the entire bag is water resistant because let’s face it – some of these things you are carrying are worth hundreds of hours of gameplay.

The backpack goes even further as it’s very sturdy and padded to protect your props from unexpected damage. If there is one minor fault, we find with this one, it’s that it’s a bit too bright and we are always afraid to get it sullied with dark spots. If you are a cleaner living lot, though, this one is definitely an eye candy and very practical, too.

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